10 Myths about Low-Carb Diets

Low carb diet does not mean a person strict himself on a diet that does not have carbohydrates in the food; it simply refers the way to limit the intake of carbs in daily food portions.

It usually helps people to lose weight, manage a healthy lifestyle, as well as good for a person who is dealing with obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol and blood pressure. Some of the people around us think a low carb diet is not good for health.

Here are some common myths about low carbohydrates intake in diet:

Myth no 1: low card diet is not good for heart health

People think that low carbohydrates intake means having a diet with a high amount of fats and that is not good for heart health and maybe cause blood clotting or failure. But that’s not true as per studies saturated fats are not the reason to raise cholesterol. Actually, a low carb diet helps to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation as well as helps to manage blood glucose level.

Myth no 2: low carb diet is difficult to follow for a long time

It is considered that a low carb diet is hard to follow for the long run because it restricts the food intake related to a certain group. Basically, the purpose of low carbohydrates in food means a person can enjoy the food and without starving able to lose weight, instead of having low-fat diet or you have to count your calories and not fully satisfied.

Myth no 3: a low carb diet means a high protein diet

It is another myth that if you want to follow a low carb diet, you have to switch towards a high protein diet. But in fact that not true restricting you carbohydrates does not mean to switch yourself towards high protein; you can have a certain amount of good fats and a protein diet.

Myth no 4: low carb diet leads to nutritional deficiency

That’s not true, in a low carbs diet you can choose a variety of good food choices that will provide all necessary nutrients and minerals that a body requires. Instead of having bread, consume vegetables like green veggies, citrus fruits, high fiber and protein nuts, meat, fish, etc.

Myth no 5: low carb diet is restrictive in nature

A person who is on a low carb diet can choose food from multiple food groups like meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs that are high in protein and fats.

Myth no 6: low carb diet allows people to have limited calories

In fact, while following low carb diet people do not need to count the calories intake, they will be able to lose weight naturally by cutting carbs and without counting calories intake.

Myth no 7: a low carb diet disturbed brain function

People believe a brain cannot perform its function without carbohydrates because it needs glucose that comes from carbs as a by-product. In fact, if a person is on low carbs can have 1grm or 2grm carbs to fuel up the brain.

Myth no 8: low carbs diet not good for muscle growth or fitness

That not true by limiting carbs intake a person allow his body to consume fats to fuel up energy instead of carbs and that’s helpful to lose weight naturally.

Myth no 9: low carb diet does not allow weight gain

That’s not true a person on a low carb diet will be able to gain good weight gain from other food groups like fats in the form of nuts, peanuts, and cream.

Myth no 10: low carb diet does not need calorie count  

In fact, on a low carb diet, a person will be able to control appetite and automatically switch towards low-calorie intake that helps to manage portion control and lose weight.



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